Acknowledged by the famous French Chocolatier

The Sake that goes best with Chocolate


KAWA SEMI NO TABI(Kingfisher's Journey)


"I've never had sake like this before." This unpasteurized sake is made entirely with rice (junmai), and has a fruity, rich aroma, a mellow sweetness, and a refreshing acidity.
It has a sake meter value of -27℃.
It is perfect for Japanese people who love Japanese sake, and an excellent choice for anyone from abroad trying sake for the first time.
This is an excellent sake that offers a refreshing change from the standard light, dry Niigata sake.
This is the "Kingfisher's Journey".



In preparation for the "Salon du Chocolat" festival,
a taste testing of several sake samples from all over Japan was conducted,
and countless French nationals gave the unique flavor of Kingfisher's Journey a high rating.
We created the label design to be sold in France,
and then, at France's Salon du Chocolat, we worked with famous chocolatiers to present a combination with Kingfisher's Journey, which was very well received.
Later we announced the same combination at the Salon du Chocolat in Japan,
and began the sales Kingfisher's Journey the same way we had in France.

Recommended ways to drink

Try a taste of KAWA SEMI NO TABI(Kingfisher's Journey) and a mouthful of chocolate and enjoy a perfect marriage of flavors.
One more sip and enjoy the richness and completeness of the chocolate aftertaste.
It goes well with blue cheese and filets, and is great with a meal. We recommend it cold.

Customer Reviews

  • 洋酒にも似た、出会ったことのない味わい "Similar to wine, with a flavor that never tasted before."
    I don't like chocolate, so I tried it with a steak. Its elegant sweetness was fantastic with the meat, and the glass was empty in no time. It would go well with any rich Western dish.(Man in 50s)
  • 日本酒度-27度なのにスッキリ飲める! "With a sake meter value of -27 but easy to drink."
    I've tried it with a lot of different chocolates, but I like it with milk chocolate. It tastes better in a wine glass than a sake cup, which makes you feel a little indulgent! It doesn't feel like alcohol, so be careful not to drink too much! (Female in 30s)
  • 爽やかな甘さと香りが引き立つ酸味 "A sour taste with a refreshing sweetness and aroma."
    The taste of the sake was profound. Then, I tried it with a nutty, bitter chocolate, and was very surprised that the sweetness of KAWA SEMI NO TABI and the chocolate evolved into bliss without a hint of conflict. I would like to try it with a sweet chocolate next time. (Man in 30s)
  • 日本酒が苦手なと感じている人にもオススメ "Recommended for those who are not good with sake."
    Kingfisher's Journey is different from any other sake I've ever had. It was very tasty. It has a mild sweetness, and is not overly sweet. It is very fruity, is delicious with bitter chocolate, and goes great with cheese.(Female in 30s)